Free Webinar

Equine Constellations

For counselors, therapists, social workers, educators or coaches who may or may not already have experience with horses.

For those who wish to

  • incorporate constellations with horses into their existing work supporting others.

  • learn more about this unique and powerful healing modality

  • find out where you can experience constellations with horses.

Join this FREE Webinar on November 13th at 6pm PST

Explore, Learn, Discover

  1. What is Constellations with Horses?

  2. How does it differ from Constellations with Humans, and our unique way of holding the sacred container for participants, known as the Seeker in the Constellation?


Constellations make visible the normally hidden dynamics operating in relationship systems. Dynamics that could have been carried through the generations without awareness.


Gloria and Ingrid will share the way they hold the space which derives both from Family Constellations work of Bert Hellinger and the neuroscience constellation work of Sarah Peyton.


As Facilitators, we have an observer’s stance, watching out for movements and any extra elements including horses that come in and represent voluntarily.


It is the Seeker that makes meaning of the questions, "what did they represent?"

Those who attend

  • will learn more about horses, herd behavior and human behavior.

  • How do horses reflect the humans internal landscape?

  • Why do horses make such good representative in constellations work. 


Afterwards, the Seeker is encouraged to allow whatever happened to settle in their body. There is no need to do anything or say anything. It will continue to work sometimes for months... 

During this Webinar you may

  • Register to participate in one or both of the upcoming 2019 Training Series: The Healing Herd Program and/or Constellations with Horses Training Series 

  • Connect with us for individual or private group programs.