Teens with Horses

Equine Facilitated Learning, Coaching, and Healing

Programs are Held at The Healing You Sanctuary in Spokane, Washington

​Dealing with overwhelming emotions, such as anger, loneliness, insecurity, depression, or anxiety is tough no matter what age you are. In adolescence it is harder.

Group Activities Allow Teens to Experience:
  • cooperation with others

  • set goals

  • develop compassion

  • have the experience of belonging to a group

  • being accepted just as they are

The Best Introduction For Teens:
  • Private Sessions create a space where teens get to spend time with the Horses in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

  • Learn where to find the grooming kits to begin grooming their horse independently.

  • In other activities teens will learn to stay focused and on task, and deal with emotional energy that may arise. Horses are wonderful at reflecting the emotional energy coming from a person. Teens learn to "listen" to the horse's response.

While having fun!

These are hands on, non-riding programs, no experience needed. All programs are facilitated by Gloria Lybecker and her trained assistants unless otherwise indicated.​​​

For Tweens:

Power Tools for Living


Next Program in June 2020

A 4-Day Equine Facilitated Learning Program


  • Monday's from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Pre-Registration and Payment Required

  • $575 fee for this 4-day program.

  • $300 nonrefundable deposit to reserve.

  • Limited to 6 youth

  • Includes:  Healthy snacks and wellness water.

  • No previous horse experience is necessary to participate.


Teaching basic emotional health constructs.
  • Boundaries - Respect is the hub of all interactions in a healthy relationship. Without it, there is no real intimacy or connection.

  • Responsibility - The cost of privilege.

  • Relationship Skills - Verbal and non-verbal communication is used to reveal that a person desires to establish or maintain a relationship with another being. It is only as one has a clear understanding of physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual boundaries that one can achieve satisfying and nurturing relationships with one's self, family and friends.

  • Empathy/ Choices & Consequences - Many people are often unaware that they are even making choices, let alone understanding the impact their choice will make upon their life. When a person experiences the accurate reading of his/her feelings and a responsible response from another being (including a horse), validation, significance, and empowerment result.

Join us to have lots of fun, self-discovery, and healing.
For Older Youth:

Horses Helping Humans


Next Program in June 2020

A 4-Day Equine Facilitated Learning Program 


  • Monday's from 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

  • Pre-Registration and Payment Required

  • $575 fee for this 4-day program.

  • $300 nonrefundable deposit to reserve.

  • Limited to 6 youth

  • Includes: Handouts, Healthy snacks, and wellness water.

  • No previous horse experience is necessary to participate.


Learning to recognize patterns of behavior in a safe, yet challenging environment, where change and growth happen.
  • This program is designed to accept each participant with unconditional positive regard, with the authority and responsibility for change being placed with each participant.

  • A keystone of this modality is the belief that each person has his/her own best solutions within them

We will explore the important skills of:
  • Compassionate Self-Witness - knowing what does and does not promote well-being

  • Self-Discovery - knowing our strengths and weaknesses

  • Connectedness and Relationship - finding unity of purpose with others

  • Empathy - the ability to see life from the perspective of someone else

  • Responsibility - a guidepost to meaning in our lives

  • Attitude - anger management, conflict resolution

  • Creative and Experiential values - giving and receiving in the world

  • Choices and Consequences - acquiring self-control with self-understanding.

In Person

The Healing You Sanctuary is Located in Spokane, Washington


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Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. 

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