Our Mind and Body Process Information Differently

Many times, we can get stuck in our mind. We get stuck repeating patterns, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We can begin to have an experience where there can be just one thing that is different, and we notice it. As we are accompanied to slow down our process in our mind, we can bring our attention into our heart and notice what happens in our body, even if it’s just a little shift. I want to celebrate that it’s a shift! Especially when we’ve had repeated experiences of doing the same thing and expecting something different.

I want to celebrate when we get to experience something different! I want to take time to rest right there and be in relationship with that newness in the body. On this journey, healing you, one of the ways it can look is we live cut off from our body, and then when we are triggered, we blank out in our mind. So, we don’t have access to either support. That is so important to have held in relationship. To find a place where somebody accompanies you right there, in that moment. Giving your body permission to experience whatever it does and giving your mind permission to go blank when it goes blank. To hear, “No wonder you went blank!”

When we go blank inside it allows us to see that something is there that we’ve not seen before. Or there is something there that we’ve never allowed anyone to see, or at least we think we’ve never allowed anyone to see. We may think we are pulling it off and fooling the world by being someone who we are not.

What if it’s possible to be supported to step fully into who you really are, and to take your time with that. You don’t need to be in a hurry. There are many things you can learn along the way on this journey of reclaiming your sense of self. Reclaiming your body and allowing your mind, body and spirit to live in harmony. To live in harmony no matter the weather, no matter if there is a flurry of life that comes in unexpectedly.

To grow warm community that supports you and stays in relationship that endures. There is something very healing about that, right there. When you can be part of a group that continues to practice coming into relationship with one another with compassion. To develop a resonant understanding, there is a resonant healing that begins to take place for each individual. It’s a beautiful thing.

One of the things that comes up in circle that I hold, is that people begin to slow down enough to hear the whisper of the unconscious contract that they made with life, usually when they were quite small, but it could just be yesterday. Our body has so much wisdom to provide us with when we can slow down and remember we have a body. We can honor it by listening to the bottom up processing that is available to all of us. It’s really helpful to have support with that. To experience another being that can provide a secure attachment, so your body begins to learn what that feels like from the inside out. We need repeated experiences of that to enable that to become more and more possible.

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