All Of The Things I Was Told I Could Never Do

I was inspired by a client this morning to reflect on and recognize all the things I was told I could never do. These were told to me not only verbally, “What do you think you are doing, you can’t do that!” There were a lot of nonverbal signals as well, such as someone turning away from you, maybe a facial expression of ridicule, disbelief or disgust.

Some things I was told I could never do were; I could never have my own business, I could never speak in a way that other people would listen or value what I had to say. I couldn’t speak up in a group for sure, that would be impossible. I could never be good enough or smart enough, so rather than looking for all the proof that these things I was told were true, what might be different? What’s the lesson here that I’ve learned in my life?

It comes down to a lot of B.S. Belief Systems.

A big a-ha for me was recognizing that these belief systems might not have been only my belief system. It’s something I inherited, was imprinted upon me, that came even from generations before me. Being told who I am supposed to be.

Who I was told I am supposed to be is WHO I AM NOT! Wow, how important is it that I really know myself?

I think there are a lot of lessons layered in here when you’ve been told there are so many things you can never do.

Maybe you were told you could never have a friend, or a job that you really enjoy, and are passionate about, and look forward to going to work every day. Maybe you were told you would never have the love of your life. Maybe you were told you would never understand life. Or maybe you were told that you are someone who can never be understood. Again, that’s a lot of B.S. A Belief system being projected from one person to another, and it keeps getting replicated.

This creates a lot of shadows, places where we do our best to hide. I know I did my best for years to hide who I really am. I was CONVINCED that if anyone saw the real me, I’d be left all alone. I didn’t want to be all alone. That’s painful!

What if it’s possible to be who you really are? What if it’s possible to live your dream? It’s possible to have friends, it’s possible to have work you are passionate about, you can even have your own business!

This life lesson that I’m really embracing is; I come home to stand in the heart of my life, the heart of my life’s work. That’s what this is about. I want to acknowledge this is a spiritual journey for me. I created a labyrinth so I would have a place where I could dwell and be at peace. A place I could come and welcome all my shadow parts home. All those parts that were told they could never do something. All the parts that had been imprinted by these belief systems that were not even mine.

When I can begin to recognize that truth, then I can DARE to STEP INTO THE LIGHT! That’s a big part of what my labyrinth represents for me; the light of the world and all the seasons of this life!

Dare to be who you really are, rather than being who you are not. Allow this to be a spiritual practice for you, because this practice for me, it sets me free from all those belief systems. They were never mine before, I just didn’t know it yet.

So, what’s the plan? Well, maybe notice where does the B.S. show up in your life? Be willing to set into the light, and be who you really are, knowing you do not need to be who you are not any longer. There is nothing you can’t do when you are willing to step into the light and embrace the pain that can happen when you are on this journey. When we embrace it, we no longer have to resist it, and then we are empowered.

Thanks for being willing to be with me today, thanks for being on this journey.


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