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24 Heart-Centered Others, Just Like You, 

Inside the 6-Week Course, Unlock Your Trauma Patterns to Reclaim Who You Were Born to Be with The Healing You Method, Designed for YOU to Experience the Power of Empathetic Presence and Restore YOUR Sense of Wholeness  

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Here's Everything You'll Get

Value: $3,000

6 Two-Hour Live Sessions

* Most people try to teach themselves relationships from webinars, audio books, and blog posts. But those sources are missing the heart and soul of how relationships work. These 6 weeks give you resonant language skill-sets, the latest relational neuroscience, and the supportive practices you need to develop confidence in communication.  

*With weekly sessions and Q&A you get the support you need to build a solid understanding around your own life experiences. In this type of intensive program, you graduate with a sense of ownership, knowing who you are and that your life makes sense, you just don't get that from other programs. 

*Without both structure and warm, caring relationships, it's easy to start but never finish. This program provides the structure and empathic support needed to learn how to not only listen to our own bodies, but fully attend to our physical/emotional experience, by allowing it to unfold as it needs to in the moment. Then we find the pathway to deep restorative healing.  

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VALUE: $500

2 Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions

*In personalized sessions with Gloria, the focus is on healing energy, depth empathy, and YOU. The session begins with a brief check-in, and following body sensations with somatic empathy. This creates an experience of resonance and fluidity, learning the deeper truths and longings that lie at the heart of the circumstances, all while nurturing the growth of your compassionate self-witness. When there is a relational neuroscience concept that may strengthen your internal compassionate self-witness, Gloria will ask if you would enjoy hearing about it.  

*Most group programs are simply videos and webinars that leave you to figure out how to apply it to your unique situation. With one coaching session at the beginning of this journey, Gloria provides you with personalized care. This experience supports your unique circumstances from the very beginning, helping you get the most out of this journey. 

*Again, most programs don't include one-on-one coaching, so by the end you're left with how to integrate all that you learned as you attempt to move forward in your life. With the second coaching session available towards the end of this course, you'll have the opportunity to be held right where you are in your learning. You can ask specific questions to continue on the path of your Healing You journey. 

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VALUE: $1000

Complete Vault of Healing You Intensive Modules

* The Healing You Method Intensive vault of Modules allows you to keep coming back to re-experience the power of somatic empathy and accompaniment of warm, compassionate community.
* Once graduated, you have lifetime access to our growing community. You will be able to stay up on new recordings as we release them to our graduates.

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VALUE: $1,000

Mastermind of Peers

*Life can feel lonely and isolating, especially as you learn a new skill. It can be invaluable to see how others are doing it. Going through this program in a cohort provides peer feedback and support, not to mention opportunities to create enduring friendships. 

*Heart-Centered people have specific values. We don't like to be boxed in or told who we are. It's important to have a peer group that comes from similar values because you'll be able to trust that the support and feedback you're receiving is coming from an authentic place. 

*The shared experience in the Healing You journey creates a strong bond and tribe for you to belong to, a community you can trust and count on in our world. 

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VALUE: $250 – Experience is Priceless!

Experience a Somatic-Empathy Demo

*Gloria includes in each session, a presentation of the material, one demo, and Q&A. Experience firsthand the way this work comes to life in its applications. Four (4) demo spots available.

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VALUE: $500

Access to A Language of Life: Roots of Connection - Grounded in Compassion - a Pre-Recorded 4-Week Series in Relational Neuroscience and Communication  

*Does life ever feel hard and worrisome to you? Do you have doubts or fall into overwhelm simply trying your best to cope – yet find yourself falling into old patterns of reacting in anger and frustration? You may ask yourself; “How can I stay calm and present when life feels so stressful?”

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Some fascinating new science of how our brain is wired

  • How to respond with compassion in the face of stress

  • 5 foundational ideas of communicating with Resonant Language

  • How to hear the YES behind every NO

  • Experience the beauty of having passion and purpose inspire everything you do, especially in relationships

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VALUE: $500

Access to Monthly Relational Neuroscience and Communication Webinars while on your Healing You Journey

*Each month, Gloria brings her engaging blend of relational neurobiology and resonant language online and explores how to use empathy and resonance and other trauma-informed processes to heal. Each webinar is approximately 90 minutes, including slides and presentation, then plenty of room for questions.

*By registering for Gloria’s Complete 2020 Healing You journey series, you will receive free access to all the 2020 webinars, which are held using Zoom video conferencing.

*You have the option of attending the webinar live each month (or watching the webinar recordings when they’re posted...generally within 48 hours of the live webinar). That's priceless!

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Total Value: $7,750

I'm Inviting You to Join 24 Heart-Centered Others, Just Like You, into this 6-Week Course, so you can Unlock Your Trauma Patterns to Reclaim Who You Were Born to Be with The Healing You Method, Designed with your unique path in mind. 

Learn how to go inside to receive your own answers. Connect with your body’s wisdom and your own divinity. Opening this door to inner-knowing is how the Journey Begins. 
Here's What Others Are Saying...
I have been working with Gloria for a number of years, and her presence in my life has been a true blessing. The healing I have experienced in her sessions and groups has been profound.
When I am at a crossroads or facing difficulty, I often think of her warmth and wisdom as light posts to assist me in finding the ground of my own. She holds space with integrity, skillfulness, and love, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. The authenticity and life experience she brings to her work are a rare and heartfelt gift.

- Josie Simpson

Maui, Hawaii

I feel so honored to know Gloria Lybecker and to participate in her online classes and in-person
programs at Healing You Sanctuary. She brings so much
heart and knowledge, along with her passion for creating warm communities.  

After caregiving a family member for several years, I’ve entered into the liminal space between chapters of my life. The question on my heart has been: What would it take to live the life I love? Self-care activities that cultivate the relaxation response are an important part of that.
Gloria’s programs help support self-care and cultivate the neurobiology of healing the inner child. I have experienced a warm community and a safe space for opening my heart in the online classes and in-person experience with the healing herd. I’m inspired by the warm community where Gloria holds the sacred space with practiced skill. Plus, all the modalities of healing that Gloria offers have helped me as I create a warmer
resonate inner dialogue and a more loving relationship with my inner child. 

If you feel drawn to her work, as I do, I hope you will explore her programs and talk with her about
opportunities for healing.

- Jocelyn Brown
Nipomo, California

I have found Gloria’s online classes to be incredibly supportive.  What sets Gloria apart from other facilitators is her compassion for healing trauma.  Furthermore, she is able to meet everyone in the group in a unique way giving them resonant empathy support.  She also has this understanding and way of communicating that is soft and resonant and feels safe and nurturing. 
Gloria has been supporting me on my healing journey for several years, supporting me to heal from complex PTSD.  Because of this condition, I would go into states of disassociation whenever I would find myself in group situations.  Her classes have given me an opportunity to show up just as I do and to receive support to grow in community and to have experiences where groups are safe.  I have come to feel more and more comfortable as the groups I am in have been coming together for several years.  
One of the things that I have come to experience is resonance within the group.  I used to think I was the only one who could ever experience life in the way that I have, and it is just not true.  Everyone in our group has experienced trauma or neglect in some way, and as others are held, I can see my parts with more clarity and understanding.
If you have experienced trauma or needing support in the community, I would strongly recommend looking into joining one of Gloria Lybecker’s online courses. 

- Ruth Crea,

Spokane, WA

In an amazing and magical hour, Gloria's angelic quality of presence made safe to usher in for me a sense of self which has eluded me all of my 65 years. Over the years, Gloria has been a blessing in the angelic band of my healing. And now perhaps at a time of deep harvest, in one sacred hour, she opened space in me to gather those healings and accompanied me across a Divine threshold.
I write this from a place of wholeness I didn't know possible, fully inhabiting a breathing body. All the ruffled and wet feathers were soothed back into the soft nest that is me, soul come home so I could finally see myself. It is 24 hours later, and I am still in the wonder of it as layers of insight and understanding come available and come to make sense. 

- Turiya Grace, Retired Hospice RN
Columbus, Ohio

...Inviting You to Join 24 Heart-Centered Others, just Like You, Inside the 6-week Course, unlock Your Trauma Patterns to reclaim Who You Were Born to Be,
with the Healing You Method, designed with your unique path in mind.
Learn how to go inside to receive your own answers. Connect with your body’s wisdom and your own divinity. Opening this door to inner-knowing is how the Journey Begins....