Healing Conversations

with Gloria Lybecker & Ingrid Gunby

Gloria and Ingrid have a unique collaborative professional partnership that’s based in deep friendship. In these Healing Conversations, they transparently share their own life experiences and what they have found contributes to healing in relationships: with themselves and their loved ones, and for their clients.

They discuss and model how we can stay in relationship with ourselves and others even under significant stress: a crucial skill-set to learn, especially when one has experienced trauma.

Episode 8

We all tell ourselves stories all the time: stories that have their roots in our earliest experiences. These stories carry our expectations of others, the world, and ourselves, and shape our responses to every situation and interaction. In this episode, we explore how to become aware of the stories we tell ourselves, and Gloria models a simple but profound process for uncovering and releasing the unconscious contracts that give these stories such a hold on us.

Episode 7

 Using resonant language - with others and ourselves - is the foundation of healing: it disarms the inner critic and creates a sense of trust and safety. So, what is resonance? And what qualities does communication need to have in order to be resonant?

Episode 6

What does it mean to be genuinely relational with yourself and with other people? How do we shift out of relationship? And how can we support ourselves to stay relational when the other person can’t?

Episode 4

Some emotions are so difficult to experience that we’ll do almost anything to get away from them. Using Ingrid’s disappointment as an example, we model a simple but powerful process to expand our “window of welcome” for painful emotions.

Episode 2

What qualities does a conversation need to have in order to support healing and growth? In this episode, we discuss what we know helps us to stay deeply relational with ourselves and others when we’re interacting

Episode 5

What is emotional intelligence? How does growing up without nurturing for emotional intelligence affect us, and how do we heal?

Episode 3

Gloria shares how she got started and what some of the most powerful moments have been on her healing journey.

Episode 1

​Welcome to Healing Conversations​!​ In this episode of The Healing Conversations Show, Gloria Lybecker introduces Ingrid Gunby and​ they discuss how becoming a mother inspired​ Ingrid's first step on ​a​ healing journey.  

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