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...Showing 4 Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies to Eliminate the FEAR and PAIN that Are Keeping You Stuck, and FINALLY Experience the Warm, Safe, Community You Have Been Searching For!



Relationship First VS Strategy First

*When we begin to recognize our default patterns of thought and behavior in relationship with others, including how we talk to ourselves, it’s easy to fall into the fear of being hurt or rejected.

When we invite in compassionate understanding, we begin to develop our ability to form a resonant language to describe our inner experience. We make sense! Strategies that serve our lives naturally emerge from our heart-connections in relationships with others.



Self-Acceptance Creates Presence to Engage in Conversations

*When we think of engaging in conversations, and all the ways things can go “wrong” in the face of stress, it’s common for our minds to go blank. If we do manage to speak up, we don’t have our social engagement system fully on board, so our voice doesn't resonate with conviction when we voice our values.

But when you are in an environment where it’s easy to talk about the passionate values you have, and you practice pausing, and grounding your energy in the underlying need energy, you are empowered to respond with authenticity and transparency. This is the practice you want to use to easily build your confidence. 



On this Path Resilience is Born with Repetition

*When you’ve felt disconnected from life, it’s easy to get reactive; feeling shocked, afraid, angry, or guilty. It may seem you are being excluded from belonging to any tribe.

But when you practice generosity in thought, word, and deed, you have a practice that strengthens your connection with life, which clarifies your purpose as you stay on the path of your personal journey.

When you take time to be with any uncomfortable emotions as they arise, you receive the gifts of your body’s wisdom. This practice grows your window of welcome with repetition. Because this is experienced from the inside out, you become stronger and more resilient. 



Transparency Empowers the Felt-Sense of Safety

*Too many people in our world haven’t been given freedom of choice. Their life experience was mapped out for them and they believed there was only one door open to them. They were told which one they were supposed to walk through – to become who they were told they were supposed to be.

Allowing another person into your personal space and trusting they will understand what it’s been like to be you, that takes courage. Life is about heart-connection and when that connection happens in an open, safe container, exploration and new discoveries are possible!

By being willing to open new doors of possibility, you experience the magic of transparency, and you are empowered to speak your truth. You discover it’s possible to nurture enduring relationships of trust and experience them being reciprocal. Your trust in this way of Being grows, but most of all, you learn that your voice in this world truly DOES matter.

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...Showing 4 Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies to Eliminate the FEAR and PAIN that Are Keeping You Stuck, and FINALLY Experience the Warm, Safe, Community You Have Been Searching For!